Art Fashion Design from outer Space

Art Fashion and Design from outer space.

Made for human beings.

Artgeneering Title


I belief in artgeneering…the artist is a medium,connected to the spirits around him-translating vibes into symbolic shapes to reinitialize the ancient way of using language…the way of light and color…without the disguise of words,right through the passage of our eyes…to reach hearts and souls without taking the intellectual loop way…natural formulas in an unnatural world…pure and uncensored…awakening the visual awareness, the center of our inner universe…to let it shine in the way it has always been before

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Circle of Life:

Sleepwalker – Dreamtime – Dreamtracks

Ceramic Disk

Kreis des Lebens

Schlafwandler – Traumzeit – Traumpfad

Dreamtime – 3D Ceramic Disc Art Gold/Silver
Mystic symbols in fine lines. Cosmic sculptures in ancient design. Connected with the Dreamtime of the Aborigines of Australia.

E-Cigarette DesignsiStick TC 200W

( Engraved Box Mod – iStick 200W)

Jewellery – Schmuck

Bracelet SilverBracelet silver – Armband silber